Ngo Le Thuy

Deceased Person

Ngo Dinh Le Thuy (Ngô Đình Lệ Thủy) (1945-1967) was the daughter of South Vietnam’s First lady Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu and Ngo Dinh Nhu, the National Secret Police Chief. On November 2, 1963, at the time of the assassinations of her father and her Uncle Ngo Dinh Diem she was with her mother in Beverly Hills, California, since October, and preparing for a trip to Italy. The new government of South Vietnam refused to issue her a visa to return to South Vietnam and she resettled in France with her mother. In April 1967, Lệ Thủy was killed in an automobile accident in Longjumeau, France.  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, Ngo Dinh Nhu


Date of death
Cause of death
Traffic collision

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