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Nick Paton Walsh (born February 1977), is an award-winning British journalist, who is an international correspondent with CNN, currently serving as their Kabul Correspondent. He has been an Asia and foreign affairs correspondent for the UK's Channel Four News, and Moscow correspondent for The Guardian newspaper. He is a native of Guildford, England.. He lives in Beirut. Walsh started working for CNN in March 2011 in Pakistan. He covered the death of Osama bin Laden as their first reporter in country to the story, obtaining exclusive video of inside the compound and breaking the news that cellphone signals led the CIA to the al-Qaeda leader. He also covered President Obama's speech about the withdrawal of America's troop surge in Afghanistan, detailing a Taliban resurgence in Nurestan, a booming opium culture in Badakhshan, together with insurgent violence and a resurgent al-Qaeda in Kunar. He also reported from Benghazi on Libya's declaration of liberty after Gadhafi. In September he became CNN's full-time correspondent in Kabul. Walsh joined Channel Four News at ITN as a foreign affairs correspondent from the Guardian newspaper in September 2006.

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2013 News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing

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CNN - Nick Paton Walsh: Reports from Syria and Afghanistan
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences


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