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Nicola Zingaretti (Rome, October 11, 1965) is an Italian politician; since April 2008 he is the president of the Province of Rome. He lives in Rome with his wife and two daughters. He is the younger brother of actor Luca Zingaretti. He was National Secretary of Democrats of the Left youth federation (1991–1995), member of the Rome Municipale Council (1991–1993), international relations spokesman of Democrats of the Left (1998–2000), Member of European Parliament (2004–2008) for Uniti nell'Ulivo and Regional Secretary of Democratic Party for Lazio (2007–2008). On April 28, 2008 he was elected President of the Province of Rome with more than a million votes (1,001,490), representing 51.48% of the vote. He began his commitment in associations taking part in the peace movement in 1982. At seventeen years old is one of the founders of the anti-racist association "Nero e non solo", commetted to immigration politics and in a multicultural and multiethnic society. In 1991 he was elected National Secretary of Democrats of the Left youth federation (Sinistra Giovanile) and in the following year he was a member of the Rome Municipale Council.

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October 11th, 1965
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Rome , Italy
pop. 2,645,907 (2013)



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The Democratic Party is a social-democratic political party in Italy. The party's leader is Matteo Renzi, who replaced Guglielmo Epifani as national secretary in December 2013. The PD was founded on 14 October 2007 as a merger of various left-wing and centrist parties which had been part of The Union in the 2006 general election. While several parties merged into the PD, its bulk was formed by the Democrats of the Left and the largely Catholic-inspired Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy. Within the party, an important role is played by Christian leftists, who are direct heirs of the former Christian Democracy's left. After the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi as Prime Minister in November 2011, the PD gave external support to Mario Monti's technocratic government. Since April 2013 Enrico Letta, a Democrat, was Prime Minister, at the head of a government sustained by a grand coalition including The People of Freedom, Civic Choice and the Union of the Centre. After his election as party leader, in February 2014 Renzi called for "a new phase" and, following his advice, the party's national board voted to ask for Letta's resignation.

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