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Nilenthi Nimal Siripala de Silva MP (6 September 1944) is the Sri Lanka's Cabinet Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Management and a Member of Parliament representing the Badulla District. He is Lawyer a by profession & was educated at Nalanda College Colombo. He is the Assembly President of the World Health Organisation.

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Date of birth
September 6th, 1944
Sri Lanka


1. Nalanda College, Colombo Educational Institution

Nalanda College Colombo is a government Buddhist school in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The college was established by P. de S. Kularatne as an offshoot of Ananda College Colombo on 1 November 1925.

Type National school
Institution colors
November 1st, 1924
01000 - Colombo, Western Province
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b. 1916., Politician
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b. 1933., Politician


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