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Noah W. Hutchings (born 11 December 1922) is the president of Southwest Radio Church Ministries, a Christian broadcasting company based in Oklahoma City. He is the host of their nationally syndicated radio show Your Watchman On The Wall, which is broadcast daily on stations across the USA. Watchman on The Wall's main focus is biblical prophecy and exposition of end times theories as well as conservative Christian apologetics. Hutchings also contributes to the ministry's two monthly publications, Bible in the News magazine and Prophetic Observer newsletter. In November 1942 Hutchings was drafted into the United States Army because of the rising threat from Japanese and German forces. After thirteen weeks of training, including physical and 155mm Howitzer, he went overseas. Hutchings had experience in the South Pacific while working as a radar technician. Hutchings completed his service during World War II and returned to Oklahoma. Hutchings' anti-Catholic beliefs were made apparent when he wrote an article entitled "The Vatican Connection" for the magazine Gospel Truth in April 1984.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 11th, 1922
United States of America


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