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Manuel Leuterio de Castro, Jr. (born July 6, 1949), better known as Noli de Castro or "Kabayan" Noli de Castro, was Vice President of the Philippines (2004–2010). A radio and TV newsreader and commentator by profession, De Castro was elected Senator in 2001 and Vice President in 2004. He is the first independent candidate to receive the highest number of votes in a Philippine senatorial election and the first elected Vice President of the Philippines to run independently, although he campaigned in both elections under an alliance that supported the candidacy and administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. De Castro currently anchors his radio program Kabayan on DZMM and TV Patrol. Noli de Castro was born in the town of Pola, Oriental Mindoro. He graduated from the University of the East in 1971 with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Banking and Finance from the University of the East and a doctorate degree Honoris causa from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. De Castro began his career as a broadcaster during the Marcos dictatorship, when press freedoms were suppressed. He worked as a field reporter for Johnny de Leon, a popular radio announcer at the time.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 6th, 1949
Places lived
Oriental Mindoro




1. University of the East Colleges/University

- 1971 Bachelor of Commerce

The University of the East (or Pamantasan ng Silangan in Filipino and commonly abbreviated as UE) is a private nonsectarian university located in University Belt Area, district of Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. The university was founded in 1946 as a coeducational institution. Once labeled as the "Largest University in Asia" in terms of population, UE became the first university in Asia to have an enrollment of over 60,000 students.

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2219 CM Recto Ave., 1008 - Manila, Metro Manila
2006. 45,472
2006. 12,000
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b. 1934., Composer

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An independent or nonpartisan politician is an individual politician not affiliated to any political party. There are numerous reasons why someone may stand for office as an independent. Independents may hold a centrist viewpoint between those of major political parties. Sometimes they hold a viewpoint more extreme than any major party, have an ideology comprising ideas from both sides of the political spectrum, or may have a viewpoint based on issues that they do not feel that any major party addresses. Other independent politicians may be associated with a political party, be former members of it, or have views that align with it, but choose not to stand under its label. Others may belong to or support a political party but believe they should not formally represent it and thus be subject to its policies. In some countries political parties are illegal and all candidates effectively stand as independents. In running for public office, independents sometimes choose to form an alliance rather than a party, and formally register their "independents" group. Some other independent candidates choose to aggregate themselves as a political party.

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Regular TV appearances

1. TV Patrol

Performance type Networks Seasons From To Created by First epizode air date Last epizode air date Num. of seassons Languages Regular cast
ABS-CBN Corporation
March 2nd, 1987 Tagalog, Filipino


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