Okomfo Anokye

Okomfo Anokye (active late 17th century) was an Ashanti priest, statesman and lawgiver. He occupies a Merlin-like position in Ashanti history. A co-founder of the Empire of Ashanti in West Africa, he helped establish its constitution, laws, and customs. Okomfo Anokye (active late 17th century) was an Nzema priest, statesman and lawgiver. Early life Okomfo Anokye was born in Benyin,in West Nzema-Ghana West AFrica, now called Jomoro, in the late 1600s. His father was from Benyin and his mother was from Anosuazo, Eastern Nzema. His father was called Kwodwo Ackah. Anokye was named after his paternal Uncle Egya-Ano. The Nzema called him Ano kyi which means Ano Junior.The Ashanti and Denkyira, who were unable to pronounce his name, called him Anokye. He lived in Anosuazo near Atuabo East Nzema, where he began his priesthood. Anosuazo later became known as Anokyi because of the priests frequent visitors. Okomfo Anokye later helped King Amakyi, Kaku Ackah's Uncle, to defeat the first Europeans who came to the coast of Nzemaland. The Denkyira's later heard of his wonders and requested his aid. Through Anokye's help, the Denkyira's successfully defeated the Ashanti's.


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