Olol Dinle

Sultan Olol Diinle (Somali: Suldaan Olol Diinle) (?-1978) was the last sultan, who ruled at Kelafo (Qalaafe in Somali) as a sultan of the Ajuran (or Ajuuraan) Somali clan lineage, to rule an independent kingdom while young. Successively he offered allegiance to the Kingdom of Italy in the 1920s and was named "Sultan of Sciavelli (Shabelle)" in the early 1930s. The Ajuran clan, under the Gareen Dynasty, had once ruled a powerful Imamate in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia centered at Kelafo. Following the peace agreements between Ethiopia and Italy in 1896, Ethiopia was granted the Ogaden. The Gareen empire had collapsed during the 16th century, and a slow decline had set in over the centuries, leading to the eventual demise of the Ajuran state during the 18th century and the end of strong central leadership amongst the Ajuran. Ajuran tribes lived and still live throughout Somali inhabited lands in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. According to some Ajuran traditions, Olol Diinle was related directly to the Gareen Dynasty, Olol Diinle carved a new Ajuran Sultanate out of the upper reaches of the Wadi Shabelle, centered at Kelafo, the traditional capital at the turn of the 20th century.


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