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Omar Pasha Omar Latas, better known as Omar Pasha (Serbian: Омер паша Латас, Turkish: Ömer Paşa; 1806–1871) was an Ottoman general and governor. He was born in Austrian territory, to Christian, Serb parents, and was initially an Austrian soldier. When faced with the charges of embezzlement, he fled to Ottoman Bosnia and converted to Islam, and then joined the Ottoman army where he quickly climbed in ranks. Latas crushed several rebellions throughout the Empire, and was a commander in the Crimean War, where he defeated Russia at Sevastopol. He was born as Mihajlo Latas (Serbian: Михајло Латас) in Janja Gora, Croatian Military Frontier of Austrian Empire (in modern Plaški, Lika region, Croatia). Omar Pasha was an Orthodox Christian, an ethnic Serb or Croat. Educated in Gospić, and than at a military school in Zadar, he joined a frontier regiment. Latas fled to Bosnia in 1823 to escape charges of embezzlement. There he converted to Islam and would later return in authority in the year 1850 and executed, plundered and abolished the respected historical aristocracy of the Bosniaks. His father Petar served in the Austrian Army and in time was appointed lieutenant-governor of the Ogulin district.  ( Wikipedia article )


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Janja Gora


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