Oreste Baratieri

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Oreste Baratieri (né Oreste Baratter, November 13, 1841 – August 7, 1901) was an Italian general and governor of Eritrea who led the Italian army and was defeated in the First Italo–Ethiopian War's Battle of Adowa. Born in Condino, Trentino, Baratieri began his career as a volunteer for Giuseppe Garibaldi's Redshirts, where he served during the Sicilian-Neapolitan campaign from May 11, 1860 to February 13, 1861. Following the unification of Italy, pursued a military career joining the Italian army later fighting at the Battle of Custoza on June 24, 1866. Rising to the rank of general by 1891, Baratieri was appointed commander of Italian forces in colonial Africa and the following year became governor of Eritrea. Baratieri would spend several years fighting with local Ethiopian forces along the border from 1893 to 1895, winning several victories over the Mahdists, particularly at the Battle of Kassala on July 17, 1894. Following Ethiopian emperor Menelik II's repudiation of the Treaty of Wuchale, Italy launched an invasion of the Ethiopian empire. Returning briefly to Italy, Baratieri promised crowds to bring back Menelik in a cage and in late 1895 Baratieri led a force of 20,000  ( Wikipedia article )


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