Ots-Toch, was a Mohawk princess, of the native American Mohawk Nation born around 1622 near Canajoharie who married Dutch missionary Jacques Cornelise Van Slyke around 1637, and founded the Van Slyke family in New Netherland. Little is known of Ots-Toch, although she is indirectly referenced in many histories of early New York. For example, a daughter, Hillitie, chose to live with the Dutch, but served as an official Mohawk interpreter. Ots-Toch had at least three other children with Cornelise Van Slyke, and may have had more children by a Mohawk father. Some variants of Ots-Toch's legend claim that her father was French, although this claim seems to lack historical documentation. In local lore, Ots-Toch is often compared to Pocahontas,as the two share many similarities. Both converted to Christianity. Ots- Toch, who was married at the age of fifteen to the missionary Jacques Cornelise Van Slyke, is reported to have written this song as a young woman, sometime after the Dutch missionaries arrived.

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