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Sir Owen Hopton (c.1519-1595) was an English administrator and politician. He was born the son of Sir Arthur Hopton of Cockfield Hall, Yoxford and knighted in 1561. He was the Lieutenant of the Tower of London from 1570 to 1590. He was therefore in charge of the most significant prisoners of the age, supervised all torture and controlled the armoury. He was Member of Parliament, for Suffolk (1559 and 1571), for Middlesex (1572 and 1584) and for Arundel (1589). He was appointed Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk for 1564. He married Anne, the daughter and coheiress of Sir Edward Echingham. They had three sons, including Arthur, and two daughters. His daughter Mary married William Brydges, 4th Baron Chandos.  ( Wikipedia article )


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