Rex the Dog Film Actor

Pal the Wonder Dog (died 1930) was famous for appearing in early Hollywood episodes of the Buster Brown series and the silent Our Gang comedies. Pal was actually the first ring eyed dog to appear regularly in Our Gang shorts. Pal's screen credits include 13 feature films released from Dec. 1921 to Oct. 1927. Trained and owned by Harry Lucenay he gained his famous ringed eye while appearing as Tige in the 1920s version of Buster Brown, Our Gang producer Hal Roach simply left it on as the dye used was permanent. This dog was sire to the most famous Pete the Pup, a dog named Lucenay's Peter. According to original Our Gang member Jean Darling Pal the Wonder Dog died after being fed a glass-tainted ball of meat by unknown person(s). Pal is just one of a number of "Wonder Dogs" in the history of fictional dogs. Others include Rin Tin Tin (billed during his 1930 radio show as "Rin Tin Tin, the Wonder Dog"), Ace the Wonder Dog, Rex the Wonder Dog from silent films, and another unrelated Rex the Wonder Dog from DC Comics.

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