Parakramabahu VI of Kotte

Parâkramabâhu VI (1410/1412/1415–1467) was a king in the Sri Lankan kingdom of Kotte. He is the last great Sri Lankan king to have united the whole island of Sri Lanka under one flag. His rule is famous for the political stability which he maintained in that time period and the thriving of literature, specially poetry. Classical literature (prose and verse) as well as many rock inscriptions and royal grant letters (patent letters, sannas) have been found, rendering much information pertaining to this period. Despite the fact that there is much information (as mentioned before) on the late period of his rule, there is meagre details found on his former life. How he came to power preceding whom, is yet unknown. His mother was Sunethra Maha Devi. His father was Lameni Jayamahalena (Prince Jayakahalena), a lord. If so, he is the grandson of Prince Parakramabahu, who was Savulu Vijayabahu's son. Savulu Vijayabahu is the fifth to go by that name. His son Parakramabahu is the one who ruled the country, from Dedigama. Another scholar says that Jayamahalena was the grandfather of Parakramabahu. However, he is supposed to belong to the family, that came after Parakramabahu V.

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