Patricia Seaton

Patricia Seaton Lawford was born on February 20, 1958. Married July 1984 in hospital where Lawford was operated on for bleeding ulcer; together from 1976 when Seaton was 17; author of "The Peter Lawford Story Patricia married Peter Lawford, she was his fourth and final marriage, in July 1984, after a nine-year courtship, Lawford died in a hospital in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve 1984 of cardiac arrest complicated by kidney and liver failure brought on by years of drug and alcohol abuse. Patricia says he was a funny man, also a ladies man. As Peter was nearing death, Patricia tended to his every need, along with her cat PK, who was snuck into the hospital by Patricia, With her cunning and witty mind she convinced the nurses to let PK in since it was one of Peter's last requests. She surprised him that morning with Pk and when they left it was the last time Pk saw Peter again. Patricia says that her life with Peter was very interesting and it made her famous because she was so young at the time.

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Date of birth
February 20th, 1958



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