Patrick Vallençant Mountaineer

Patrick Vallençant (June 9, 1946 in Lyon - March 28, 1989) was a French alpinist/skier and pioneer in ski mountaineering. He was a pioneer in ski mountaineering and leader of the French school of ski mountaineers. His motto was: "si tu tombes, tu meurs", translated as "you fall, you die". In addition to numerous first descents, he was responsible for the creation of the "Peddle Step Turn" and co-founded the Degré 7 ski apparel company. He died on March 28, 1989, in a non-skiing related climbing accident as a result of a broken carabiner, while abseiling from the top of La Beaume Rouge, in France. Vallençant became known for a number of first descents on skis within the French Alps that had previously been considered too steep to ski. To achieve this he developed a ski technique known as the "Peddle Step Turn." His feats required him to first climb the mountain in order to make the descent on skis, at the time it was uncommon to use helicopters to reach the top. His climbing and skiing partner for many of these first descents was Anselme Baud.

Personal details

Date of birth
June 9th, 1946
Date of death
March 28th, 1989 at age of 42


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