Paul Zeise

Paul Zeise is a beat writer for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and covers the football and basketball teams from the University of Pittsburgh. Paul gained notoriety for comments he made when he appeared on "Sports Showdown," a TV show on KDKA-TV, a CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh. He was suspended from appearing on the show following his comments in connection with the indictment of Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, on dogfighting charges. Commenting on a suggestion by a fellow panelist that Michael Vick should be suspended for an entire year, Mr. Zeise responded: It's really a sad day in this country when somehow ... Michael Vick would have been better off raping a woman if you look at the outcry of what happened. Had he done that, he probably would have been suspended for four games and he'd be back on the field. But because this has become a political issue, all of a sudden the commissioner has lost his stomach for it. In short, Mr. Zeise was making an argument that political correctness had played a role in the treatment of Michael Vick and that people, in general, care more about this story that concerns the safety of animals than about the rape of women.

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