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Pauline Marie Armande Craven née de La Ferronnays (April 12, 1808 in London – April 1, 1891 in Paris) was a French author. She was the daughter of a Breton nobleman. Her father, the comte Auguste de la Ferronays, was a close friend of the duc de Bern, whom he accompanied on his return to France in 1814. He and his wife were attached to the court of Charles X at the Tuileries, but a momentary quarrel with the duc de Bern made retirement imperative to the Counts sense of honor. He was appointed ambassador to St. Petersburg, and i n 1827 became foreign minister in Paris. Pauline was thus brought up in brilliant surroundings, but she derived her strongest impressions from the group of Catholic thinkers that gathered around Lamennais, and her ardent piety furnishes the key to her life. In 1828 her father was sent to Rome, and Pauline, at the suggestion of Alexis Rio, the art critic, made her first literary essay with a description of the emotions that she experienced on a visit to the catacombs. During the revolution of July, M. de la Ferronays resigned his position, and retired with his family to Naples.

Personal details

Date of birth
April 12th, 1808
Date of death
April 1st, 1891 at age of 83


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