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Paulinus Igwe Nwagu (born 12 June 1959) is a Nigerian politician who was a representative for Ezzra North/Ishielu constituency of Ebonyi State, Nigeria in the House of Representatives. In the April 2011 national elections he was elected Senator for Ebonyi Central running on the People's Democratic Party (PDP) platform. Nwagu was born on 12 June 1959, in Ebonyi State. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. He was Councillor for the Ezza North Local Government Council (1990–1993) and Chairman of the Ezza North Local Government Area (1999–2002). He was elected member of the House of Representatives for the Ezzra North/Ishielu constituency of Ebonyi State in April 2007, on the PDP platform. In the House, he was appointed to committees on Youth and Social Development, Public Procurement, Police Affairs, Petroleum Resources (Downstream), Environment and Emergency & Disaster Management. He was chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Rural Development. In the January 2011 PDP primaries for the Ebonyi Central Senatorial seat, Nwagu defeated Emmanuel Onwe in a tight race. He won the April 2011 election won with 55,016 votes on the PDP platform.

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June 12th, 1959

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People's Democratic Party

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Economic liberalism
Social conservatism

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The People's Democratic Party is a conservative political party in Nigeria. Its policies generally lie towards the Centre-right of the political spectrum. It has won every Presidential election since 1999, and is the dominant party in the Fourth Republic amid controversial circumstances.

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