Pedro Álvarez de Toledo y Leiva

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Pedro Álvarez de Toledo y Leiva Pedro Álvarez de Toledo y Leiva, 1st Marquis of Mancera (c. 1585 -1654), was a Spanish nobleman general, colonial administrator, and diplomat who served as Viceroy of Galicia and Peru from December 18, 1639 to September 20, 1648. Pedro de Toledo was the son of Don Luis de Toledo, 4th Lord of Mancera, and of his second wife Isabel de Leiva. He served with the Spanish armies in Italy, rising to the rank of lieutenant general in the royal galleys of Sicily. King Philip IV of Spain raised his title from Lord to Marquis of Mancera in 1623. Thereafter he served eight years as governor and captain general of Galicia. He was named viceroy of Peru in 1639, at the age of 54. Pedro Álvarez de Toledo traveled to Peru with his son, Antonio Sebastián Álvarez de Toledo, whom later became viceroy of New Spain (1664–73). As viceroy, the Marquis introduced the papel sellado (literally, sealed paper). He expanded the naval forces and fortified the ports of Valdivia, Valparaíso, Arica and Callao. In Callao he ordered the construction of a 4-km-long wall, which was completed in 1647. Mancera island at the mouth of the Valdivia River is named after him. He organized literary discussion parties,  ( Wikipedia article )


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