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Percy Eugene Foreman (June 21, 1902 – August 25, 1988) was a criminal defense attorney from Houston, Texas. Foreman was born near Bold Springs, Texas, and moved to Livingston, Texas when he was six years old. He was the son of William P. ("Rogers") Foreman, a former sheriff of Polk County, Texas. Percy Foreman attended Staunton Military Academy in Virginia for one year, graduated from the University of Texas Law School in 1927, and was admitted to the Texas Bar on January 17, 1928. He went on to become one of America's best known trial lawyers. Notorious for his high fees and courtroom theatrics, he was often ridiculed for his clothing and disorganization, but he was a respected master of tactics. He lost only 53 of 1500 death-penalty cases and only one finally resulted in execution (Steve Mitchell, electrocuted in Texas in 1951). Foreman's clients included Candy Mossler, James Earl Ray, who was convicted of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Charles Harrelson, convicted murderer and the father of actor Woody Harrelson. James Earl Ray, on the advice of Foreman, later took a guilty plea to avoid a trial conviction and therefore the possibility of receiving the death  ( Wikipedia article )


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