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Blessed Peter Faver (French Pierre Lefevre or Pierre Favre, (Spanish Pedro Fabro, Latin Petrus Faver) (April 13, 1506 - August 1, 1546) was a French Jesuit theologian and a cofounder of the Society of Jesus. He was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church on September 5, 1872. Peter Faver (the Latin and English for French-named Pierre Favre), grew up in far east central France. He was born in the village of Villaret, Savoy, in the modern town of Saint-Jean-de-Sixt (Haute-Savoie). In his early life, he was a shepherd in the high pastures of the French Alps (in the Savoy region). As a child, while he tended his father's sheep during the week, on Sunday he taught catechism to other children. The instinctive knowledge of his vocation as an apostle inspired him with a desire to study. At first, he was entrusted to the care of a priest at Thônes and later to a neighbouring school at La Roche-sur-Foron. Although without any definite plans for the future, he resolved to go to Paris, France. His parents consented to the separation, and in 1525, Peter arrived in Paris. Here he acquired the learning he desired and found, quite unexpectedly, his real vocation. He was admitted gratuitously to the  ( Wikipedia article )


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