Peter Gadet

Peter Yak Gadet (or Gatdet, Gadiet) is a former Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) general who is now the leader of the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), the largest rebel movement in South Sudan. General Gadet was a member of the South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF) during the Second Sudanese Civil War. He joined the SPLA after the Juba Declaration of 8 January 2006, but said that he was marginalized and that the army was dominated by tribal nepotism. In April 2011 Gadet emerged as leader of the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), a new militia demanding a more broadly-based government. In Unity State, he began an assault on the SPLA, leaving at least 45 people dead. According to the military, 20 of the victims were southern army soldiers. SSLA's spokeperson has said that the movement has declared a ceasefire with the government. His wife is the daughter of Gatluak Gai, a rebel general.


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