Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer has been a Sky News Political Correspondent since 1991. Before taking on his current role, Spencer worked as a newspaper journalist and for British Satellite Broadcasting. Peter’s career began as a reporter on his local paper in Essex and later a the Fleet Street News Agency, He has also worked as a reporter and a sub-editor for three national titles and a London evening paper. During the 1970s he worked in radio journalism, for IRN and LBC. In 1990 Peter joined BSB as producer of the satirical programme Left, Right, and Centre. Upon the merger of Sky and BSB, he became a political correspondent with Sky News. He continues to hold this position today, often appearing at weekends. He has also written articles published in The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, BBC News, and The Sunday Telegraph. Spencer is a grandfather and has been married more than once. His mother is half French and his father half Irish.


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