Peter Strople

Peter Strople is a Canadian businessman. He was formerly an executive with GRiD Systems Corporation (the inventor of the clamshell laptop computer) and a former director of Dell Computer Corp. In 1997 he started Zero2 Holdings LLC, one of the top business acceleration firms in the world. He has subsequently been called "The Most Connected Man in America", "One of the World's Great Rainmakers" and in 2006 "One of the Most Connected People in the World" by Chicago-based Networlding, an organization that teaches people how to build transformational opportunities through collaborative rather than transactional networking. He was a regional scout in professional hockey from 1984 to 1986 with the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. From 1982 to '84 he was the chief scout for the Calgary Wranglers of the WHL. He is an active philanthropist and conscious capitalist. He has equity in many early stage companies through his venture firm, called Inside the Blueline Ventures. Strople sits on and or advises numerous for-profit and nonprofit boards.

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