Peter Sullivan Graphic Designer

Peter Sullivan (1932–1996) was a British graphic designer best known for his work on information graphics in The Sunday Times. He worked for the paper 15 years, starting from the beginning of the 1970s, until his death at the age of 64. His colleagues included Nigel Holmes, Edwin Taylor, Robert Harding and John Grimwade. Sullivan was also Head of Graphic Design at Canterbury College of Art. In 1987 he wrote the book Newspaper Graphics, which is still one of the few books that deal with information graphics in newspapers. In 1993 he continued on the topic in his book Information Graphics in Colour. In the annual Malofiej-competition for information graphics, the highest prize is named Peter Sullivan award. The competition is held by the SND/E.

Personal details

Date of birth
United Kingdom
Date of death
1996 at age of 64


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