Peter "The Killer" Abbandante

Peter Abbandante-Abbondante a.k.a. "Pete The Killer" was a New York mobster in the Lucchese crime family who managed a mob social club and operated illegal gambling. Born in New York City, Abbandante grew up with mob associate Henry Hill in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. As a young man, he joined the Lucchese family and eventually became a made man, or full member. In Goodfellas when his character is introduced the voiceover by Henry Hill's character Ray Liotta says that "Pete the Killer is Sally Balls' brother". During the 1950's Abbandante worked for caporegime Paul Vario, supervising his floating craps games in Bensonhurst. Abbandante was also involved in several murders. Abbandante later became the owner of a social club in Brooklyn that was frequented by Lucchese family members and associates. On June 12, 1966, Abbandante reportedly assisted in the murder of a robber in Bensonhurst. Theresa Bivona, a teenaged resident of the neighborhood girl, was walking home from the subway. An African-American youth was slowly following her. While this was going on, Abbandante, Henry Hill, and other Lucchese associates were watching the young man from the street.

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