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Pierre mignard

Pierre Mignard (November 7, 1612 – May 30, 1695), called "Le Romain" to distinguish him from his brother Nicolas Mignard, was a French painter. He was born at Troyes, and came of a family of artists; he also needs to be distinguished from his nephew Pierre (1640–1725), often called "Pierre II" or "Le Chevalier". In 1630 he left the studio of Simon Vouet for Italy, where he spent twenty-two years, and made a reputation which brought him a summons to Paris. Having found favor with the king, Louis XIV, Mignard pitted himself against Charles Le Brun and declined to enter the Academy of which Le Brun was the head. Mignard also opposed the authority of the Academy. Mignard spent most of his time painting portraits. Among his models were Turenne, Molière, Bossuet, Maintenon (in the Louvre), La Vallière, Sévigné, Montespan, Descartes (in Castle Howard). With the death of Le Brun in 1690, the situation changed. Mignard succeeded to all the posts held by his opponent. He died in 1695 as he was about to begin work on the cupola of the Invalides. His best compositions have been engraved by Audran, Edelinck, Masson, Poilly and others.

Personal details

Date of birth
November 7th, 1612
Date of death
May 30th, 1695 at age of 82
Place of death
Paris, France



Art periods / movements


Begun Ended Other artists
1600 1725
born 1564
born 1604

Art forms 1

Form Contemporaries
born 1613
born 1624


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