Princess Herzeleide of Prussia

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Princess Herzeleide of Prussia Princess Herzeleide-Ina-Marie Sophie Charlotte Else of Prussia (25 December 1918 – 22 March 1989) was a member of the deposed House of Hohenzollern. She was the only daughter of Prince Oskar of Prussia, younger son of Emperor Wilhelm II, and his wife Countess Ina Marie von Bassewitz. She is the mother of Ernst-Johann Biron, Prince of Courland, the current head of the House of Biron. Her Royal Highness Princess Herzeleide of Prussia was born on Christmas Day 1918, shortly after the fall of the German Empire and the collapse of the monarchy. She was consequently given the name Herzeleide because it meant "heart's sorrow". Herzeleide had three brothers: Princes Oscar, Burchard, and Wilhelm-Karl. In early 1938, Herzeleide was one of three bridesmaids at the wedding of Crown Prince Paul of Greece to Frederica of Hanover. Herzeleide was Frederica's first cousin. The other two bridesmaids were also close relatives: Paul's sister Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark and his cousin Princess Eugenie of Greece and Denmark. On 15 August 1938 in Potsdam Garrison Church, nineteen-year old Herzeleide married thirty-one year old Karl Biron, Prince of Courland. Karl was the eldest son and heir  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Countess Ina von Ruppin, Prince Oskar of Prussia, Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia
Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia Prince Ernst-Johann Biron of Courland


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