Raden Machjar Angga Koesoemadinata

Raden Machjar Angga Koesoemadinata (often written as Kusumadinata, Kusumahdinata, Kusumah Dinata, Anggakusumadinata; known as Pak Machjar or Pak Mahyar ; b. Sumedang, 7 December 1902, d. Bandung, 9 April 1979) is a Sundanese music composer and an Indonesian Musicologist, specializing in pelog and salendro. He invented the Sundanese solfage system da mi na ti la and the Sundanese 17-tone model. Among the Sundanese people, Pak Machjar is widely known as a Sundanese composer. He wrote Sundanese traditional songs; Lemah Cai (Our Native Land), Dewi Sartika, Sinom Puspasari, among others. He was also a playwright and director of Sundanese music-dramas called 'Rinenggasari'; Sarkam-Sarkim, Satan Mindo Wahyu Revelation (Satan Personification as Divine Revelation), among others. As a music theorist, he formulated Sundanese solfage system da mi na ti la, and he wrote many theorerical publications on Sundanese music; Ilmu Seni Raras (Our Musical Art) (1969), Ringkesan Pangawikan Rinenggaswara (An outline of music theory) (1950), among others.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 7th, 1902
Date of death
April 9th, 1979 at age of 76


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