Rafael Orozco Maestre Vallenato Artist

Rafael Orozco Maestre, (March 24, 1954 in Becerril, Cesar – June 11, 1992 in Barranquilla, Atlántico) was a Colombian singer of vallenato music. He was one of the major representatives of that Colombian popular folk music and lead singer and owner, along fellow accordionist Israel Romero, of the vallenato group Binomio de Oro de América, very popular in Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. Orozco was assassinated by gunmen in front of his house on his daughter's 15th birthday party. It is believed they were hired by an angry drug lord whose wife Orozco was having an affair with. From 1977 to 1991 the Binomio de Oro recorded 20 albums not counting special contributions to other artist of the "Fiesta Vallenata" compilations, interrupted with the death of lead singer Rafael Orozco.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 24th, 1954
Date of death
June 11th, 1992 at age of 38
Places lived
Cesar department

Musical acts

1.Binomio de Oro de América Vallenato

1976 - 1992

Binomio de Oro de América is a vallenato musical group from Colombia. It was founded by lead singer Rafael Orozco and accordionist Israel Romero in the Caribbean Region of Colombia on June 16, 1976. The group grew up in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and developed mainstream popularity in Venezuela, specially in the city of Maracaibo and in Mexico, mainly in the city of Monterrey.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Esteban Ovalle
Chorus 1976 1991
Virgilio Barrera
Guacharaca 1976 2011
Rafael Romero
Percussion 1976
Misael Romero
Percussion 1976
Lead Vocals June 16th, 1976 June 11th, 1992
Juan Piña
1976 1977
Ignacio García
Percussion 1976 2005
Rangel Torres
String 1976 1991
Accordion June 16th, 1976
Jorge Zuleta
Percussion 1976 1987
Alcides Torres
String 1977 2005
Jose Vázquez
String 1977 1992
Marcos Díaz
Chorus 1978 1985
Jairo Serrano
1982 1990
Rodolfo Castilla
Percussion 1983 1984
Mario Paternina
Percussion 1983 1983
Luis Ángel Pastor
String 1985 1991
José María Corrales
Chorus 1985 2005
Armando Castro
Percussion 1987 2012
Javier Webber
Keyboard 1990 1990
Roberto Meza Nieves
Keyboard 1991 1992
Rafael Gómez
Percussion 1991 1992
Rodolfo Morillo
Chorus 1991 2005
Francisco Artencia
Keyboard 1993 1995
Álex Polo
String 1993 1999
Voice 1993 2005
Gabriel Gaby García
Voice 1993 1995
Richard Salcedo
Voice 1993 1994
Jose Fernando Romero
Accordion 1995 2003
Jhon González
Keyboard 1995 1996
Santos Vizcaíno
Keyboard 1996 2000
Aníbal Uribe
String 1996 2000
Voice 1996 1999
Junior Santiago
Voice 1999 2003
Alejandro Palacio
Voice 2004 2006
Marcos Bedoya
Accordion 2004 2006
Orlando Acosta
Voice 2006 2009
Didier Moreno
Voice 2006
Carlos Humberto López
Accordion 2008
Duban Bayona
Voice 2008
Didier Romero
Euclides Vanegas
Braulio Tilano
Bass guitar


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