Raghavanka Writer

Raghavanka (Kannada: ರಾಘವಾಂಕ) was a noted Kannada writer and a poet in the Hoysala court which flourished in the late 12th to early 13th century. Raghavanka is credited for popularising the use of the native shatpadi metre (hexa metre, 6 line verse) in Kannada literature. Among his many classics, Harishchandra Kavya in shatpadi metre, known to have been written with an interpretation unlike any other on the life of King Harishchandra is well known and is considered one of the important classics of Kannada language. He was a nephew and protégé of the noted 12th century Kannada poet Harihara. Although the shatpadi metre tradition existed in Kannada literature prior to Raghavanka, it was Raghavanka who inspired the usage of the flexible metre for generations of poets, both Shaiva (devotees of God Shiva) and Vaishnava (devotees of God Vishnu) to come. Though Harishchandra Kavya (c.1200 or c.1225) is undoubtedly Raghavanka's magnum opus which brought him fame, it is this same work that was rejected by his guru, poet Harihara (or Harisvara). In some ways, Raghavanka's writing surpasses his guru's talent, especially in describing characters in his story.


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