Rahime Perestu Sultan

Rahime perestu

Rahîme Pirîstû (Perestû) (died 1904), was the spouse of Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I, and adoptive mother and Valide sultan of Abdul Hamid II. She was of Circassian descent, and the biological daughter of Gogen Gök Bey of The Ubuh Tribe of Circassia, Ottoman Empire. Rahîme Pirîstû acquired the title of Valide Sultan to her adoptive son when the biological mother Tîr-î-Müjgan Kadınefendi of Abdülhamid II had died twenty-three years before Sultan Abdülhamid II's accession to the Ottoman throne. The name Perestû means peacock in Persian. She became the spiritual mother of Caliph of Islam Ottoman Sultan Abdül Hamid II (Abd Al-Ḥamīd-i sânî, عبد الحميد ثانی) Khan and was given the position of Valide Sultan by him. However, as previous valide sultans had given politically active women a bad name, she did not involve herself much in politics. She was the last Valide Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Her burial place is located at The tomb of Mihr-î-Şah Valide Sultan in Eyüp, Istanbul.

Personal details

Date of birth
Ottoman Empire
Date of death
1904 at age of 74
Place of death
Eastern Christianity,Islam




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