Ralph de Sudeley

Ralph de Sudeley was a leader of the Knights Templar in and around the year 1180. It is recorded that he may have found the Ark of the Covenant when he discovered the Maccabean treasure at Jebel al Madhbah. Because Sudeley returns to Britain, it is theorised that he may have taken the Ark to Britain with him. Upon his death, the Herdewyke preceptory had been bequeathed to the Templar order, and they were still in residence at the time of King Edward’s purge. At the time of the purge, any valuable possessions were seized by the Crown and dysfunctional buildings destroyed. So if the Ark was to have to taken this route, it was either destroyed or secretly obtained by King Edward. In 2003, historical author Graham Phillips traced the route of the Ark of the Covenant through research using Biblical texts as being taken to Mount Sinai in the Valley of Edom by the Maccabees, along with other religious treasures. Phillips claims it remained there until the 1180s, when Ralph de Sudeley, the leader of the Templars who apparently found the Maccabean treasure at Jebel al-Madhbah, returned home to his estate at Herdewyke in Warwickshire, UK, taking the treasure with him.


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