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Ralph de Toledano (born Tangiers, Morocco, August 14, 1916 – died Bethesda, Maryland, February 3, 2007) was a major figure in the conservative movement in the United States throughout the second half of the 20th century. A Sephardic Jew born in Morocco to parents who were American citizens, he came to New York as a teenager to attend the Juilliard School. He had played the violin from the age of 5. His interests quickly shifted from music to politics, however, as he became involved in the Socialist Party of America and became youth leader of the avowedly anticommunist "Old Guard" faction led by Louis Waldman. The Old Guard left the Socialist Party in 1936. He graduated from Columbia University in 1938. Toledano became editor of their magazine, The New Leader, succeeding James Oneal. Pursuing a career in journalism, Toledano was for almost 20 years on the editorial board of Newsweek, and was among the founders of National Review in 1955. His differences with his conservative colleagues became very pronounced before long, first in 1960 when Toledano dissented from the other National Review editors when they endorsed Richard Nixon over Barry Goldwater. Years later when Nixon became  ( Wikipedia article )


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United States of America
Journalist, Writer


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Columbia University
Juilliard School


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