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Ramabai Ranade (January 5, 1862 – 1924) was an Indian women's rights activist. Ramabai Ranade was an active social worker of the 19th century. Many people tried to stop her from learning as in older India, women were not allowed to study. She was married at a young age of 11. Ramabai Ranade had two brothers. After marrying Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade, Ramabai studied Marathi, English and Bengali. Before marriage her name was Yamuna and became 'Rama' after marriage. Mahadev Govind Ranade had two young brothers 'Aabaa and Baba' and one younger sister 'Durga'. Inspired by her husband, Rama started 'Hindu Ladies Social Club' in Mumbai to develop public speaking among women. Ramabai was also the president of Seva Sadan in Pune. Ramabai devoted her life for the improvement of women's lives. Ramabai Ranade opened famous girl's school in Pune "Hujurpaga". She wrote her memoirs in a book Amachya Ayushyatil Athavani. The late Smt. Ramabai Ranade - whose birth centenary was celebrated in India on January 25, 1962 - was born in January 1862 in a small village in Sangli District near Pune. Her father had not imparted education to her. Educating Girls was a taboo in those days. As a little  ( Wikipedia article )


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