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Raymond Mhlaba (February 12, 1920 – February 20, 2005) was an anti-apartheid activist and leader of the African National Congress (ANC). Mhlaba spent 25 years of his life in prison. Well known for being sentenced, along with Nelson Mandela, in the Rivonia Trial, he was an active member of the ANC and the South African Communist Party (SACP) all his adult life. His kindly manner brought him the nickname "Oom Ray". He was born in Mazoka village in the Fort Beaufort district and was educated at Healdtown secondary school. He started working at a laundry in Port Elizabeth after leaving school. There he was introduced to trade unionism through the Non European Laundry Workers Union. In 1943 he joined the South African Communist Party, and in 1944 became a member of the African National Congress. He met and married his first wife, Joyce Meke, who was also from the Fort Beaufort area. In their 17 years together, before her death in a car accident in 1960, they had three children. He was one of the ANC leaders arrested during the transport boycott of 1952 when he led a group of volunteers into the "Europeans Only" entrance of the New Brighton police station in Port Elizabeth.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 12th, 1920
South Africa
Date of death
February 20th, 2005 at age of 85
Place of death
Port Elizabeth
Cause of death
Liver tumour

Political engagements

African National Congress

Party founded

January 8th, 1912

Geographic scope

South Africa


Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Left-wing nationalism


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The African National Congress is the Republic of South Africa's governing social democratic political party, supported by its Tripartite Alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party, since the establishment of multi-racial democracy in April 1994. It defines itself as a "disciplined force of the left". Members founded the organisation as the South African Native National Congress on 8 January 1912 at the Waaihoek Wesleyan Church in Bloemfontein to increase the rights of the black South African population. John Dube, its first president, and poet and author Sol Plaatje were among its founding members. The organisation became the ANC in 1923 and formed a military wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961. It has been the ruling party of post-apartheid South Africa on the national level since 1994. It increased its majority in the South African general election. Further increases in 2004, with 69.7% of the votes. In 2009 its share of the vote reduced slightly, but it remained the dominant party with 65.9% of the votes, and decreased again in 2014 when it garnered 62.15%.

Other members

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Written work

1.Raymond Mhlaba's personal memoirs

Editions Subjects Co-authors
2001. at Johannesburg


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