Rich Hollenberg

Rich Hollenberg is a show host on Home Shopping Network, a virtual "retail store" on American television. He is best known for hosting NFL Shop, the official television retail show of the National Football League. The show airs every week before Monday Night Football, as well as on late night Saturdays and on some special occasions like Thanksgiving and the moments following the Super Bowl. Before that, he was the co-host of The Daily Sports Source, which aired from 1999 to 2002 on Fox Sports Net. Joining him were J.P. Peterson and Bo Fasulo (from 1999 to early 2002), and Brandy Leigh (for the last few months). The program combined sports news updates with merchandise sales, and was co-produced by HSN. Hollenberg has also worked sports events for FSN and ESPN on a freelance basis. A native of New Jersey, Hollenberg has admitted often to viewers that he is a fan of the New York Giants.

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