Richard II, Duke of Normandy

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Richard II, Duke of Normandy Richard II (978/83 -1026), called the Good (French: Le Bon), was the eldest son and heir of Richard I the Fearless and Gunnora. Richard succeeded his father as Duke of Normandy in 996. During his minority, the first five years of his reign, his regent was Count Ralph of Ivry, his uncle, who wielded the power and put down a peasant insurrection at the beginning of Richard's reign. Richard had deep religious interests and found he had much in common with Robert II of France, who he helped militarily against the duchy of Burgundy. He forged a marriage alliance with Brittany by marrying his sister Hawise to Geoffrey I, Duke of Brittany and by his own marriage to Geoffrey's sister, Judith. In 1000-1001, Richard repelled an English attack on the Cotentin Peninsula that was led by Ethelred II of England. He attempted to improve relations with England through his sister Emma of Normandy's marriage to King Ethelred. This marriage was significant in that it later gave his grandson, William the Conqueror, the basis of his claim to the throne of England. This proved to be beneficial to Ethelred when in 1013 Sweyn Forkbeard invaded England. Emma with her two sons Edward and Alfred fled to  ( Wikipedia article )


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Richard I of Normandy
Judith of Brittany
Alice of Normandy Eleanor of Normandy Richard III Adelaide of Normandy William of Talou
Emma of Normandy


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