Richie Haddow Athlete

Richie Haddow is a former Australian rules footballer who played 93 games for West Perth Football Club in the Western Australian National Football League (WANFL). Richie started his footballing at CBC Leederville, before accepting a sports scholarship to Aquinas College. He debuted for West Perth Football Club in the seconds in 1960, before making his league debut against South Fremantle in the same year. After some strong performances in 1962, he was a contender to make the state side, but wasn't selected. Finishing fourth in the club best and fairest, he was struck down by Osteopubis in 1964. He took stock of his situation in 1965, having recently married, and teaching in high schools, he wanted to move into physical education, which required a country stint. He received an offer from Geraldton Rovers, which he accepted. He returned to West Perth in 1968, but was out of the league side. He spent most of the year in the seconds, before accepting at captain-coach job at Mount Barker. He returned to Perth in 1971, but retired from playing after just one game in the Sunday League.

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