Robert Alesch

Robert Alesch (b. Aspelt, Luxembourg, 1906, d. by firing squad at Fort de Montrouge Arcueil, France, 1949) was a priest and collaborator with Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Alesch was ordained in 1933, and settled in France in 1935. He was named vicar at La Varenne-Saint-Hilaire, parish of Saint-Maur, in the Paris region. From the beginning of the Nazi occupation he passed himself off as an opponent of the Germans, particularly during his Sunday sermons. Alesch was in reality an agent in the service of the Abwehr German intelligence organization. He gained entry into resistance circles and won the confidence of the ethnologist Germaine Tillion, who put him in touch with Jacques Legrand, the chief executive of the RĂ©seau Gloria and with Picabia (whose nom de guerre was "Gloria") founder and head of the network. Alesch was paid for his information by the Germans and lived a double life. Priest during the day, he lived with two mistresses on rue Spontini in the 16th arrondissement. On the 13th August 1942, Legrand, Tillion and the main leaders of the network were arrested. Around 80 people found themselves imprisoned over the month of August.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1949 at age of 43
Cause of death
Capital punishment


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