Alexander Boyd, 3rd Lord Boyd

Alexander Boyd, 3rd Lord Boyd (died after 1508) Scottish noble. Alexander Boyd, uncle and heir, and, but for the attainder of 1649, Lord Boyd (he does not appear to have been recognised as such), being second son of Robert 1st Lord Boyd. He became head of the family on the death of his 15 year old nephew James, 2nd Lord Boyd in 1484. He was Chamberlain of Kilmarnock before 2 August 1488 and a witness to the sasine of Queen Margaret to the Lordship of Kilmarnock on 19 April 1504. He was still living 26 June 1508. He was said to be a favourite of King James IV Alexander Boyd married Janet, sister of Sir William and daughter of Sir Robert Colville of Ochiltree on 23 November 1505. They were related within the third and third and fourth and fourth degrees of consanguinity, and had a dispensation for the marriage already contracted between them and legitimising the children already born, 23 November 1505.


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