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Robert David Keppel (born 15 June 1944) is a retired American law enforcement officer and detective best known for his work investigating serial killers Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway. Keppel grew up in Spokane, Washington and graduated from Central Valley high school in 1962, where he was a star athlete. He attended Washington State University in Pullman, Washington on an athletic scholarship and graduated in 1966. After playing freshman basketball at WSU, in his next three years of college, he elected to concentrate on high jumping in track. Although he was only 5' 11", he was an outstanding collegiate high jumper. He just missed making America's 1964 Olympic team as a high jumper. After he graduated from college, he high-jumped seven feet. He has a Ph.D. in criminal justice from the University of Washington. Keppel first encountered the "Ted Murders" just one week after beginning work as a homicide detective. He investigated Bundy and his crimes extensively, and continued a correspondence with him from the time of his initial imprisonment to his execution in 1989, at one point consulting him in order to form a profile of the then at-large Green River Killer. Keppel was able to get  ( Wikipedia article )


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Robert Keppel
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University of Washington

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