Robert Fellowes

Robert Fellowes, LL.D. (1771–1847) was an English clergyman, journalist and philanthropist. His father was the eldest son of William Fellowes of Shottesham Hall, Norfolk. Fellowes was educated for the church at St. Mary Hall, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. on 30 June 1796, and M.A. on 28 January 1801. He took orders, but seems to have held no preferment. For over six years (1804–11) he edited the Critical Review. He was a close friend of Samuel Parr, who introduced him to the embatttled Queen Caroline of Brunswick, whose cause he supported. He is said to have written all her replies to the numerous addresses presented to her in 1820. Francis Maseres left Fellowes at his death in 1824 nearly £200,000. Fellowes erected to the memory of Maseres a monument in Reigate churchyard, with a eulogistic inscription in Latin. He used this fortune in aiding private distress and in forwarding benevolent schemes. In 1826 he gave benefactions to encourage the study of natural philosophy at Edinburgh University. He was one of the promoters of London University. Out of gratitude for the professional services of Dr.

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Date of birth
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1847 at age of 76


1. St Mary Hall, Oxford Educational Institution

St Mary Hall was an academic hall of the University of Oxford associated with Oriel College since 1326, but which functioned independently from 1545 to 1902.

OX1 4EW - Oxford, Oxfordshire
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People attended St Mary Hall, Oxford connected by profession and/or age

b. 1490., Diplomat
b. 1724., Noble person
b. 1727., Politician
b. 1553., Mathematician
b. 1560., Mathematician
b. 1723., Writer
b. 1586., Mathematician
b. 1763., Writer


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