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Robert Nelson David Hicks (born 4 June 1933) was a Progressive Conservative party member of the Canadian House of Commons. He became a teacher and school principal by career. Hicks studied at McMaster University and the University of Ottawa. He was an educator and served as principal of Joseph Howe Senior Public School in Toronto. He represented the Ontario riding of Scarborough East which he won in the 1984 federal election and was re-elected in 1988. He served in the 32nd and 33rd Canadian Parliaments, then left national politics in 1993 and did not campaign in that year's federal election.

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Date of birth
June 4th, 1933
Places lived
Toronto , Canada
pop. 2,615,060 (2011)



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Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

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The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was a Canadian federal political party with a centre-right stance on economic issues and, after the 1970s, a centrist stance on social issues. The party began as the Conservative Party in 1867, becoming Canada's first governing party under Sir John A. Macdonald, and for years was either the governing party or the largest opposition party. The party changed its name to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in late 1942. In 2003, the party membership voted to dissolve the party and join the new Conservative Party of Canada being formed with the members of the Canadian Alliance. One member of the Senate of Canada who opposed the merger now sits as an "Independent Progressive Conservative". The conservative parties in most Canadian provinces still use the Progressive Conservative name. Some PC Party members formed the new Progressive Canadian Party, which has attracted only marginal support.

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