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Captain Robert Maynard RN (c. 1684 – 1 January 1751) was a lieutenant and later captain in the Royal Navy, First Lieutenant of HMS Pearl, most famous for defeating the infamous English pirate Blackbeard in battle. Very little is known about Maynard, except for when he killed Blackbeard in a fight. Governor Alexander Spotswood of the colony of Virginia gave Maynard the command of two sloops, Ranger and Jane. They departed the docks of Hampton, Virginia on 19 November 1718. Maynard caught up with Blackbeard at Ocracoke Inlet off the coast of North Carolina on 22 November 1718. Most of Blackbeard's men were ashore and Maynard outgunned and outnumbered the pirates 3 to 1. However Maynard's ship had no cannons and only small arms, while Blackbeard's had up to 8 cannons. Maynard, however, hid most of his men below deck. Initially Blackbeard had his ship go to shallower water. Maynard's heavier ship hit a sandbar and was stuck. Blackbeard then maneuvered his ship for a broadside barrage. Meanwhile Maynard ordered everything not essential to combat to be thrown overboard to make the ship lighter, and eventually freed the ship.

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