Robert W. Bower

Academic from United States of America

Dr. Robert W. Bower (June 12, 1936) was born in Santa Monica, CA and is an applied physicist. Immediately after receiving his Ph.D. from The California Institute of Technology in 1973, he worked for over 25 years in many different professions: Engineer, Scientist, Department Head at University of California, Davis, and as president and CEO of Device Concept Inc. He also served as the President of Integrated Vertical Modules, which focused on three dimensional, high-density structures. His most notable contribution, however, is his field-effect device with insulated gates—also known as a self-aligned-gate MOSFET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor), or SAGFET. Bower patented this design in 1969 while working at the Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California. He has also published over 80 journals and articles, patented over 28 inventions, and authored chapters in 3 different books. Robert W. Bower was born in Santa Monica, California in 1936. He remained in California throughout his life, except for 1954 – 1958 when he enlisted in the Air Force. After his service with the Air Force, he enrolled in UC Berkeley and in 1962 earned his A.B. in Physics while  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Robert Bower
Date of birth
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United States of America


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California Institute of Technology
University of California, Berkeley

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