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Roger holeindre

Roger Holeindre (born 21 March 1929) is a French politician, vice-president of the National Front (FN) far-right party. He is a representant of the “national-conservative” tendency, opposed to the “nationalist revolutionaries” (closer to Third Position ideologies). Holeindre was part of the “TSM” current (Tous sauf Mégret, Anybody But Mégret), along with Samuel Maréchal, Marine Le Pen, Jean-Claude Martinez, and the Catholic current represented by Bernard Antony and Bruno Gollnisch, as well as Martine Lehideux. Holleindre is the president of the Cercle national des combattants, a veterans associations close to the FN. He was born in Corrano, Corse-du-Sud, but grow up in Vosges and then Seine-Saint-Denis. In 1989, he wrote À tous ceux qui n'ont rien compris ("To those who haven't understood a thing") in which he claims to have stolen two machine guns from the Germans in August 1944. During this alleged operation, a friend of his would have been killed. Nevertheless, he never joined any Resistance organisation.

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March 21st, 1929


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