Roger McCorley

Roger McCorley was an Irish republican activist. McCorley was born in Belfast. His family had a very strong republican tradition and he was the great-grandson of United Irishmen leader Roddy McCorley, who was executed for his part in the 1798 rebellion. McCorley was a member of the Belfast Brigade of the Irish Republican Army during the Irish War of Independence, 1919-1922. He was commandant of the Brigade's first battalion. In July 1920, he was involved in an attack on a Royal Irish Constabulary Police barracks at Crossgar, county Down. The following month, he was one of four IRA men who assassinated an RIC Inspector Oswald Swanzy, as he left Church in Lisburn. McCorley was noted for his militancy, as he was in favour of armed attacks on British forces in Belfast. The Brigade's leaders, by contrast, in particular, Joe McKelvey, were wary of sanctioning attacks for fear of loyalist reprisals on republicans and the Catholic population in general. In addition, McCorley was in favour of conducting an armed defence of Catholic areas, whereas McKelvey did not want the IRA to get involved in what he considered to be sectarian violence.

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