Rosa Guy

Writer from United States of America

Rosa Cuthbert Guy (September 1, 1922 – June 3, 2012) was an American writer, acclaimed for her books of fiction for adults and young people. She died of cancer on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Born in Diego Martin, on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Rosa and her sister Ameze were left with relatives when their parents, Audrey and Henry Cuthbert, emigrated in 1927 to the United States. The children joined their parents in Harlem in 1932. However, the following year their mother became ill, and Rosa and her sister were sent to Brooklyn to live with a cousin, whose espousal of Garveyism and black nationalistic politics deeply affected Rosa. On their mother's death in 1934 they returned to Harlem to live with their father, who remarried, but he too died in 1937. Subsequently Rosa and her sister lived in foster homes. Rosa left school at the age of fourteen and took a job in a garment factory to support herself and her sister. In 1941, when she was nineteen, Rosa met and married Warner Guy. While her husband was serving in the Second World War she continued working in the factory, and a co-worker introduced her to the American Negro Theatre, where she studied acting; other graduates included  ( Wikipedia article )


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Diego Martin
United States of America
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